Finding a Trans Person to Date in Montreal

Most people would agree that Canada is one of the most open, tolerant, and accepting countries you can live in. There is an understanding in the heterosexual community of the fact that trans people may experience intense distress due to inconsistency between their gender identity and their sex at birth. Activists have pushed for and achieved better treatment of the trans community. Finding a trans person to date in Montreal is not difficult at all.

When it comes to going on dates, there are lots of options as well. What do locals recommend? Interestingly, the most common suggestion is taking your date to the Parc La Fontaine for a picnic. You can spend a day under the shade in this scenic location and enjoy the views of the gorgeous fountain, after which the whole park is named. The park is very well maintained with flowers everywhere. In the area, you’ll find the Montreal Planetarium, where people come to view planets and galaxies.

As for meeting trans people in Montreal, we recommend sticking to specifically trans sites like My Ladyboy Date. Why should you avoid general dating sites like Tinder? Read on to find out.

The number one site for Montreal TS dating is My Ladyboy Date. This site gives people many opportunities to discover someone who’s right for them. The founders assure that all the users are real and looking for a partner. Looking at profiles of ladyboys and people who want to date them is free. Another option is My Transsexual Date.

Beware Tinder

A local trans woman who goes by the name of Tranna Wintour says Tinder blocked her account less than 24 hours after she created it. She had written she was trans on her profile. When she checked her inbox, she found the company had blocked her account because “her profile had been reported by too many people.” When the Montreal Gazette inquired into the matter, the company acted like they didn’t know what had happened. They did explain that trans users can appear in people’s recommendations “by accident” because the site currently doesn’t have any gender options other than male or female.

Eventually, Tinder reviewed the issue and unbanned Wintour’s account. The woman herself warns that it’s best to be upfront about who you are because even in Canada, there is aggressive transphobia and you face a risk if you don’t let people know you’re trans before meeting them.