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What is BDSM - Bondage and Discipline?

BDSM porn takes many forms such as latex sex, and other forms of more extreme sex. Many people are turned on by the kinkier side of sexual activity and enjoy BDSM sex. You might not understand what latex sex or BDSM porn is so here is a rundown on this type of sexual activity.

Latex Sex

Latex fetishism is a type of attraction where people want to view sex acts or take part in sex acts wearing latex, Clothing. This clothing is usually shiny in nature and it’s made out of PVC materials. It looks similar to leather but it is not made out of leather. The practice involves wearing very tight fitting clothing which accentuates the form of the body and makes the breasts, legs, and other areas of the body stand out more. It is often associated with kinkier sides of sex which we refer to as BDSM. Latex sex might be used in sex acts such as bondage or other BDSM sex or it may just be done on its own. Wearing latex is basically a type of fetish that some people find very sexually arousing and they will engage in this activity because it is something that they enjoy. They may also just enjoy viewing latex sex and never actually participate in this sort of sexual activity.  Many people enjoy latex because it acts as a second set of skin and this can be arousing to some individuals.


BDSM refers to practices such as discipline, bondage, sadomasochism submission, and dominance.  There is a large community of individuals that take part in this sort of practice. There is also a wide range of fetishes and different types of sexual activity that revolve or BDSM. Participants in this form of activity will usually play at some sort of rule. There is usually a submissive person and then a dominant person in the relationship. In many cases, these rules can reverse.

In the activity, the dominant partner is the one that takes the psychological control over the submissive partner. The dominant partner or the partner on top will instigate the sexual act and then the person on the bottom is the receiver or the submissive person in the activity. In some cases, if there is a female dominant partner this woman will be referred to as a dominatrix or a mistress.

In this type of activity, there’s often a special place where it takes place which can often be referred to as a dungeon. This will be where all the toys and other things that are going to be used in the activity are laid out. This may include items such as whips, handcuffs, chains, ball gags, and other items which are going to be used in sexual practice. In some cases, the activity will take place in a special club where other individuals can view the activity taking place.

In this activity, there is a very wide range of subsets and different types of activity that can take place.  BDSM Is prevalent in gay, straight, lesbian, and all forms of sexual orientation it is just not done by one group of individuals.


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